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The Power of One is a twelve- month campaign by Fourwinds Lodge and Fourwinds Lodge Recovery Center in Fresno, California, to raise the funds necessary to maintain and extend much needed substance abuse treatment, prevention, education and family activity programs. Fourwinds Lodge Recovery Center (FLRC) serves all those who wish to end the damaging effects of drug and alcohol abuse. We also provide services to a growing number of people that do not have insurance and are not able to pay for services.

 The Power of One is a one-dollar ($1) contribution you can make to help men, women, and children recover from the debilitating effects created by substance abuse, violence, and diseases. It is an investment that will save and change lives in our community.

Fourwinds Lodge does not want to contribute to the State and Federal budget deficits. It is time to stop the dependency on government funding that is already stretched out to the limit. And, it is evident that funneling money through the government bureaucracy does not adequately help our communities because many people are left out of the process. We, the People, want to take back our hard earned money and place it where it will make an impact on our communities, cities, and our country. With your investment of one dollar ($1), we can provide much needed services to all people, regardless of race, religion, or gender. But, in order to do that, to have the power to help ourselves, citizens need to become directly involved, not in the drug war, but the battle for survival. One way to become directly involved is to make donations to organizations that provide services for their community.

 Fourwinds Lodge does not receive any funding from Native American Gaming Casinos, but we welcome the help of any and all tribal organizations. FLRC is asking members of our great country, and citizens in our local communities, to make a donation of $1.00 (The Power of One), to help fund drug and alcohol treatment and prevention services for adults and their families. If we work together, in what would normally be a monumental task, we will be able to accomplish many treatment goals.  We will make a difference in our country and community, and help reduce our need to compete for state and federal dollars.

 Fourwinds Lodge will use 12% of monies donated for equipment and educational materials; 8% for utilities; 20% for community activities; 2% for office supplies; 22% for payroll; and 36% for office rent. We have broken down the expenses in this pie chart:

Please take a moment to insert a $1.00 bill into an envelope with a $.37 stamp and mail to:

Fourwinds Lodge

2014 Tulare Street, Suit 633                                      Fresno, California 93721                           

Our telephone number is (559) 4725-7340, Cell 559 393-4897 if you need any further information. Please be assured your $1.00 investment will be put to good use for the community and our country.




Our goal is to raise One Million Dollars in contributions over a one-year period, which will help hundreds of thousands in our lifetime, to overcome substance abuse, violence, and diseases that afflict many people. Your contribution will help to provide treatment, prevention, nutrition, and education as well as training for a new start in a new lifestyle. A future goal is to provide an inpatient treatment facility for young men and women through adulthood, with prevention, treatment, counseling and guidance. We plan to establish a learning facility as well as a resource and referral center that will be available to all members of the community. We are in the process of developing an at-risk youth mentoring program; a Hepatitis "C" Support Group Program as well as sponsoring community events to bring our community members together for a common cause. We also hope to provide grants for students going into drug and alcohol counseling and social services fields. Your investment will also provide meaningful jobs and health care benefits in the community.


Fourwinds Lodge is in it's fourteen years of operation in the community and we have managed to provide substance abuse outpatient treatment and ancillary services to documented and undocumented Native Americans and members of the community regardless of their ability to pay.


Fourwinds Lodge is registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the State of California as a 501(c)3 non-profit spiritual organization and drug and alcohol outpatient treatment center. All donations are tax-deductible.


Fourwinds Lodge looks forward to a brighter future for our organization, our community, and our state and country, especially if the concerned citizen responds to our campaign.


We have the power to change the state of our economy by investing in the future of our people and their children in worthwhile causes such as Fourwinds Lodge. Together we can change the world, beginning with the Power of One.

Fourwoinds Lodge
Fourwinds Lodge Recovery Center
2014 Tulare Street, Suite 633 
Fresno, California 93702  USA

Phone: (559) 472-7340
Fax: (559) 579-1044

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

Fourwinds Lodge & Fourwinds Lodge Recovery Center 2014 Tulare Street, Suite 633, Fresno, California 93721